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Diary of Anne Frank Reading Comprehension Questions and Unit Study Activities

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
A WWII Holocaust Unit Study

Part 8: Afterword

Vocabulary Words:


Comprehension Questions:

1. What did Emperor Kaiser do after WWI?
2. Who established the German Republic after WWI?
3. Who drafted the Treaty of Versailles?
4. Was Germany allowed to participate in drafting the Treaty?
5. Who became leader of the Nazi Party in 1921?
6. What did Hitler believe should be done with the Slavic people?
7. What was Hitler's goal for the Jewish population?
8. Where were many of the concentration camps located?
9. What usually happened to the captured before being shot or gassed?
10. How many people were killed by the Germans?
11. Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany. How was most of Frankfort's commercial and cultural community built?
12. Many German Jews fled to Holland because it was known to accept refugees. What other groups had fled to Holland in prior times?
13. To where did Holland's Queen Wilhelmina escape when Holland was invaded?

Suggested Activities:

1. Research the Treaty of Versailles. Where was it drafted? Who was involved? What did it say? Write a report of your findings.

2. Who were the Storm Troopers? Who created them? What was their job? How do they compare to the Secret Police? Write 4-5 paragraphs about them.

3. Find out how Germany used slave labor of those they captured.

4. Look at page 273 and make a list of all the things that Jews could not do.

5. Looking at page 274, list the ways others were made slaves for the German Republic.

6. Find out what you can about Otto Frank after he was set free by the Allies. What did he do with the diary Anne kept? What events concerning Anne and her diary kept him busy? (ie: there were several lawsuits) Did he ever remarry? When did he die?

7. If you could give a new title to this book, what would it be?

Intro and Instructions
Part 1 - Pages 1-40
Part 2 - Pages 40-81
Part 3 - Pages 82-135
Part 4 - Pages 136-165
Part 5 - Pages 166-198
Part 6 - Pages 198-237
Part 7 - Pages 237-268
Part 8 - Afterword

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