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The Good Master
Unit Study - Part 1
Chapters 1, 2 & 3

Vocabulary Words














Reading Comprehension Questions

  1. What does Jancsi use to brush his teeth? Salt.

  2. Why were trains a mystery to Jancsi? He had never been to town before and viewed a train.

  3. Why was Jancsi so happy when his father said he had done a good job of driving the wagon? Because praises from his father were few and far between making the ones he received all the more satisfying.

  4. Why does father tell Kate she is like a wolf in sheep's clothing? She appears to be delicate and meek, but in reality she is more like a wild monkey or the devil.

  5. Why did Kate's father send her to Uncle Marton? Because she was wild and out of control. He knew his brother could tame her and make her a productive person.

  6. Why does Jancsi say he was glad Kate wasn't a golden-haired princess? Because she was more like a real boy to him and he so wanted a brother.

  7. What are some of the names Mother, Father, and Jancsi call Kate? Screaming monkey, motherless lamb, poor kitten, and colt.

  8. What does Kate want Jancsi to teach her? How to ride a horse.

Suggested Activities

  1. Learn about Budapest and locate it on a map of Hungary. You may use these links for help:

  2. Compare and contrast Jancsi's vision of Kate to the reality of meeting Kate in person.

  3. Learn about the Hungarian language!

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